The Future of Creative Advertising: Seeking the Following Million Dollar Idea

On Friday, the 26th of August, the concept of the Million-dollar Home Page appeared and it changed internet marketing forever. The concept, developed by Alex Tew, was easy, for one dollar you can purchase one pixel and there will only be one million pixels available. The absolute minimum purchase is a 10-0 pixel block, that will link right back to whatever website you specify. At the beginning it wasn't clear it would work, but incredibly it did. I-t came out of nowhere and became amazing effective in just a period of few months. That amount that would be almost matched by the number of sites copied the idea, after the web site had reached the anticipated million-dollar mark. Dropping all around the globe Wide Web, none of these duplicate websites proved to be successful as they all started to fail miserably. Some web sites would be a simple twist to the idea, and others would be considered a primary copy with a different name. Regardless, it kept clear that no one would get the same success and the hope for another site to reap the same outcome became dismal. Was it simply a trend, or was it just a matter of time before new, and more interesting and innovative some ideas would appear?

It was mid-march, seven months after Alex Tews design, if the next big idea began to look online. The overall game is different this time, but focuses strictly on advertising. Identify more on the affiliated web page by clicking The concept of Take the Spot, created and thought by Pratik Naik, began to be gain popularity all around the Internet. It has been already announced as the next Million Dollar idea. Actually therefore, Just take the Spots progress was already staggering inside the first ten days of opening. Getting over thousands of visitors and hundreds of dollars, the website is off to a start.

We'd the pleas-ure to meeting Mr. Naik and asked him to tell us more about his motivation for the creation of the idea, I wanted to produce a source of marketing that considered individuals first, and not only emphasizing my own benefits. Be taught more on the affiliated essay - Click here: Websites that are just made to replicate the success of Alex Tew do not work because people know that it will not benefit the individual, but only the site manager and they are smart enough to determine that. It had been about time publishers found a web site that could first and foremost benefit them. I got samples of several successful business models together with popular web sites and reviewed their achievement, I found a method that not only worked, but improved it so that it'd gain the advertisers even more. I discovered by searching books in the library. I wanted to produce one of the most cost effective way to advertise online, and this is exactly what I've produce. Most websites out there are merely made for private benefit, so I made the focus around to-you, the buyer/advertiser. With the attitude of an entrepreneur searching for one of the most affordable s-olution, Just take the Spot was made.

With impressive internet sites such as Just take Million Dollar Website and the Location, focused to simply help companies bring in more traffic while only spending a small amount, the near future of creative marketing seems as if it has only begun. Many people believe it is merely a novelty, and the others believe it's here to stay. This development in creative advertising will become standard, provided that more people with innovative minds such as Alex Tew and Pratik Naik continue to produce their ideas.. I discovered by searching Bing.

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